Some people think we're pretty ok sometimes. Here are a few sweet responses we've received. Most of the names have been left off to protect the innocent and also because we're generally bad at getting permission.

Best Cover Band In Santa Cruz 2013
   - Santa Cruz Weekly
Runner up for Best Band In Santa Cruz 2013
   - Good Times Weekly.
"I'm here on vacation and you guys are the best music I've heard in two weeks."
   - Some salty world traveller
"You guys have changed my life"
   - Harbor Cafe Bartender
"You make bad songs good!"
   - George from SmoQue
"Best Band in Six Miles"
   - Wharf to Wharf Onlooker
"Best Band at the Farmers Market! And my band plays here!"
   - Power cellist Susan, of Con Corazon
"Accoustic Bliss"
   - Jose M. Jimenez of Art Faccia (full review)
"They make cheesy songs classics"
   - A wise Harbor Cafe patron
"Best Band Ever"
   - Picchetti Winery Employee
"Not to be missed"
   - Desparado Brett